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Lion King Sandwich

Lion King Sandwich

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A sandwich for children.

  • - 1 chifla
  • - 2 slices of cheese "DeSenvis Delaco"
  • - 1 ou
  • - 1 cherry rose
  • - 1 olive

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sandwich "The Lion King":

Cut the bun, arrange the cheese slices so as to give the shape of a lion's snout. The eyes are made of slices of eggs and olives, and the nose is cherry red.

Famous Disney movies. Cartoons loved by the whole family!

It's impossible to forget Disney movies so beloved in childhood as The Jungle Book or Snow White. They brought us so many beautiful moments when we watched them with our parents and grandparents and made us smile a few years later, when we saw them again with our children.

Disney movies inspired by fairy tales and famous stories will remain for all generations the most beautiful old animated films. The old drawings have a special charm, and the music, dances and songs performed by the little drawn heroes will remain just as charming, no matter how old they are.

The Expoflora area looks deplorable, the artesian wells no longer exist

If about the jungle from Cișmigiu, Libertatea wrote here, the situation in Herăstrău Park, as it is known by everyone, is not different at all.

From the entrance on the wide alleys of the park, weeds are the order of the day. On Thursday, June 3, several workers were working in a corner, waiting for a bicycle park tour of Mayor Nicușor Dan. He came with the Minister of Environment, Barna Tanczos, all in an action on the occasion of World Bicycle Day. But the official delegation leaves quickly, the weeds remain.

& # 8222One of the main attractions is the Expoflora Area, which covers an area of ​​15 ha, where the floral decorations full of color and elegance follow each other every year & # 8221, it is shown on the website of the Municipal Parks and Gardens Company.

Where are the roses? They were covered by dandelions over a meter high

It's just stories! The Expoflora area looks deplorable, right from the main alley of the park. At the two huge pools of water, where the artesian wells used to work, everything is burned, desolate.

We are at the beginning of June, and in the special pots on the edge of the pools (obviously without water, only with scraps of bottles and food packaging) there is no flower. Nothing was planted. Just dry grass, here and there a lost chamomile.

The Expoflora area, which was once a real gem of the park

This is the first time I see rats in Herastrau Park. There are a lot of ticks, because the grass has not been cut. You can't leave Bucharest like that, because it's not a war. It's almost June. It's a shame. We are still the capital of the country.

Amalia Năstase, on Antena 3:

Video: How The Lion King Should Have Ended (August 2022).