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Tomatoes with peppers for the winter

Tomatoes with peppers for the winter

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Roast the tomatoes, peel them and cut them into small pieces. Peel the peppers and cut them into cubes. In a saucepan, boil the tomatoes, after 1 hour of cooking, add the peppers. depending on your preference, if the tomatoes are more sour, add more sugar), mix well and let it boil until the peppers are soft.

When the pepper is soft enough (not to be porridge) add the celery leaves and let it boil for another 10 minutes. Put it in bottles, over which hot oil is poured, tighten the lids well and cover with a blanket, leave to cool until the next day.

It is stored in the pantry or cellar, each where it takes place.


Tomatoes with peppers and garlic for the winter they are perfect to be used for a carp brine or sauerkraut with smoked ciolan, but also for various soups or other dishes with sauce, depending on how spicy you like the food to be.

I remembered these canned tomatoes with hot peppers and garlic for the winter, which my mother prepared when I was little, but not so small that I don't remember using these tomatoes instead of the vegetable soup at the time. which my mother asked me to add one of the small jars from the fridge to the pot, she being caught with other things around the house. The soup turned out very good, but only my parents ate it because it was too spicy for me and my brother.

When I was growing up, I appreciated the spicy taste of the food and I also prepared many years of tomatoes with peppers and garlic for the winter.

I don't know why I haven't done this type of canning in recent years.

Maybe because my child prefers spicy ketchup with potatoes or sausages, not being attracted at all to carp brine or sauerkraut.

I remember that in a frosty winter, with snow up to my knees, I prepared the best bone soup. I put a few tablespoons of these tomatoes with peppers and garlic, next to the rest of the vegetables, after they have been cooked.

It was very tasty, warm and a little spicy, and this soup set the blood in motion and warmed us up quickly after a few hours of snow.

While the rest of the neighbors were watching it snow, only my brother and I and my neighbors went to play on the stairs of the block. I think I was 18-19 years old at the time, and this was more of a game for us. We were three girls and a boy, while my neighbors (men) were hiding behind curtains and watching us happy that they could get out of the stairs without being filled with snow. While we thought we were giving them a lesson, they were just glad to find a few suckers to do for everyone. The only person & # 8220moved & # 8221 by our gesture was the neighbor of the landing who rewarded us with a chocolate.

Tomatoes with hot peppers and garlic for the winter preserves the aroma of summer, the good taste of fleshy and ripe tomatoes. I didn't use preservatives for this recipe, so we have one 100% natural canned recipe.

Preparing this can with tomato pulp with hot peppers and garlic is simple, very easy to prepare and you can replace, depending on your tastes and future destinations, basil parsley if you use it in food / stews or fresh larch for soups.

I made sure that the tomatoes used were ripe, fleshy and healthy. When I started to prepare the tomatoes, I also put the jars with lids to be sterilized in the oven, I was going to bottle the tomatoes as soon as I finished their preparation. It is kept in a very cool place (cellar, cellar, pantry, even in the refrigerator in the vegetable box), without daylight falling on the jars!

If you want to prepare other canned tomatoes, I invite you to try the recipes Tomato juice, simple ketch-up or spicy ketch-up, eggplant in tomato sauce, pumpkin in tomato sauce, but also the best spicy kapia pepper paste.

Now I leave you to see the list of ingredients and how to prepare tomatoes with peppers and garlic for the winter:


(from the indicated quantities we obtained 1 jar of 850 ml and one of 500 ml)

25 g salt for pickles

With all the ingredients at hand, I first put a pot with 3 liters of water and a teaspoon of salt to boil, then I washed the vegetables.

I cut the tomatoes in the shape of a cross.

I put them in boiling water for 2 minutes, then I took them out and put them in another pot with cold water and ice to stop the cooking process, leaving the tomatoes to keep their beautiful color.

I peeled the tomatoes and cut them, removing the stalks. I tried to gather the juice in a plate, it would be a shame to lose it.

I cut the hot peppers into slices, half of the bell pepper into cubes, the garlic into slices, then I sautéed the peppers. When they showed signs of softening (without browning) I added the garlic and left it for 30-40 seconds.

I immediately put all the tomato pulp over the peppers and garlic, I added salt for preserves (not table salt) and I mixed, then I let it boil for 2-3 minutes.

I stopped the fire, added the chopped parsley and filled the jars, then sealed them.

I arranged the jars in a pot lined with a towel, put warm water over them and put them on the fire to sterilize them.

I left them for 30 minutes from the first boil, then I took them out of the hot water and let them cool under a blanket overnight.

Tomatoes with peppers and garlic are perfect to be used in winter in food, so I hope you try them too.

I would be happy to publish pictures with the recipe prepared by you.

You can find me on Instagram. Here I post recipes in advance.

If you like to share your recipes with others, I invite you to the group I cook with friends.

Tomato sauce with peppers and garlic without boiling for the winter!

A very tasty preserve for the winter, which is made simple and fast!


-4 - 4.5 kg of fleshy tomatoes


1. Wash the vegetables well, then cut them into pieces and pass them through the meat grinder: garlic, hot pepper, chili pepper, bell pepper and, finally, tomatoes.

Advice. If you want your sauce to be dense, then do not add the juice that the tomatoes leave. We recommend using homemade tomatoes, because they are more fleshy and less juicy.

2.Sterilize the jars in the oven. Set the oven to 100 ° C, put the washed jars upside down and sterilize them for 15-20 minutes. Boil the lids for 10 minutes on low heat.

3. Season the sauce with salt to taste and mix everything very well. Taste and add more ingredients, if needed. Optionally, you can add horseradish if you like the spicy sauce.

4. Fill the jars with sauce and put ½ aspirin pill (for 1 jar of 800 ml), so that the sauce does not become sour.

5. Close the jars tightly and put them in the cellar.

It cooks quickly and goes perfectly with meat dishes or simply with a slice of fresh bread.

Tomato sauce with peppers & # 8211 can be preserved very well all winter

Every year I make a few jars of tomato sauce with peppers. The recipe I use is very easy. I received it a few years ago from my sister-in-law. This tomato sauce with peppers keeps very well all winter. I recommend you try it too!


  • 4 kg tomatoes, 2 red bell peppers
  • 7 onions, 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 700 ml wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 cloves, 1 hot pepper

Method of preparation:

To start, peel the onion and cut it into larger pieces. We then put it in a blender.Remove the bell peppers. Wash the peppers well and cut them into larger pieces. We also put the peppers in a blender.

Put a little sunflower oil in a saucepan. When hot, add the onion and sauté lightly. We cut the tomatoes into small pieces.Add the tomato pieces to the pan with the onion. Then add salt, sugar, paprika, cinnamon and finely chopped hot pepper. Mix well.Crush the cloves and add them to the vegetable pan. Then pour the wine vinegar, mix and simmer for 2 hours.

After the vegetables have boiled, pass them with a vertical mixer, then pass all the sauce through a strainer. Put the sauce on the fire again, for a few seconds, to thicken. Pour the sauce into jars.Then screw in the lids and turn the jars upside down. Let them cool, then store them in a dark and cool place, preferably in the basement or pantry. I enjoy cooking!

Delicious tomato sauce for winter & # 8211 simple recipe with bell peppers

Tomato sauce with bell pepper, prepared according to this recipe is extremely tasty. Every year, I use the same recipe and I always get a very good sauce. You can find the recipe in the rows below. I recommend you try it too.


  • 5 kg ripe tomatoes
  • 3 kg bell pepper, 150 g sunflower oil
  • 4 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon crushed garlic
  • Salt (to taste), paprika (to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar essence, greens to taste (dill, parsley, celery leaves)

Method of preparation:

First we prepare the tomato juice. We wash the tomatoes then we put them in a blender or through a meat grinder. Put the tomato sauce obtained in a pan. We boil it over low heat. Let the sauce boil. Stir occasionally.

Wash the bell peppers, remove the seeds and cut them into strips about 3 cm wide. Wash the greens and finely chop them.

Add to the tomato sauce, sweet pepper slices, sunflower oil, salt and sugar. Cook the sauce for about 20 minutes. The pepper should remain slightly hard.

Add the greens, garlic and paprika. Let the sauce boil for 5 minutes. Then pour the vinegar and let the sauce boil for another 5 minutes.

Then put the boiled sauce in sterilized jars. We screwed the lids well. Turn the jars upside down, cover them with a blanket or a thick towel and let them cool slowly.

After the jars have cooled completely, store them in a dark and cool place, preferably in the basement or pantry.


Tomatoes in a jar for the winter, another recipe canned food that I know from my mother and that I really like because it's simple and fast. In addition, tomatoes preserved in this way can be used in almost any kind of meat or vegetable dishes, pasta sauces, steaks, soups or broths.

I prepare exactly this can, without salt, sugar or preservatives, properly sterilized tomatoes, it is perfectly preserved in its own juice.

Tomato salad with bell pepper and carrot (for winter)!

From these ingredients we obtained 11 jars of 700 ml of salad.


1.Cut the tomatoes into slices, then pass them through the meat grinder.

2. Peel the bell peppers and seeds. Cut each pepper in half into 6 pieces.

3. Tear off the basil leaves on the stems.

5.Put the carrots through the large grater.

6. Pour the chopped tomatoes into a large saucepan. Add the grated carrots and chopped peppers. Stir.

7. Put the pan on the fire. Bring the salad to a boil, gradually adding salt and stirring regularly.

8. As it will only boil, add the sugar, dill, basil and garlic passed through the garlic press or meat grinder.

9. Pour in the oil and vinegar. Stir and cook the salad for another 1-2 minutes.

10. Take it off the heat and transfer it immediately to the sterilized jars, sealing them tightly with the sterilized lids.

11.Turn the cans with the lids down. Wrap them in a warm blanket until they cool completely.

12. Transfer them to the storage place.

We sterilized the jars in the oven: put them on a tray in the cold oven. Then heat the oven to 150 ° C and sterilize the jars for 15 minutes. They need to be warm when you transfer the salad to them.

To sterilize the lids, cover them with water and boil for 5 minutes.


Lecho - a kind of French cuisine Ratatouille. Since ancient times, the Hungarians are prepared on the basis of popular, popular in the country of vegetables: onions, onions, peppers, tomatoes. In Russia, this type of preservation for the winter prepared with the addition of apples, mushrooms, zucchini or eggplant, garlic. Lecho tomatoes, canned peppers, carrots, onions - a long, time-consuming process. Step-by-step recipes photos: to help reduce labor costs at that time zakattsi.

To delicious lecho, keep in mind that the tomatoes must be ripe, soft pepper choose solid, with a thick-skinned ideally accentuates the taste of medium-grade carrots "Karotel" with a high carotene content. Add to the "standard set" Hungarian Lecho own ingredients, cooks among those Create custom options: the addition of a Korean carrot, pickled eggplant and garlic turns into Lecho dish of exotic apples crumbled apples makes tomato sauce taste thick, sweet and sour reminiscent of ketchup.

Bell peppers with tomatoes for the winter!

Tasty bell pepper appetizer in tomato sauce. It is very simple to prepare, and the result is unexpectedly good. It goes very well on bread, with other dishes as a salad or added to dishes. It has the aromatic taste of tomatoes, bell peppers and a little spicy-sweetness from the sugar, pepper and salt added exactly as needed.


-1.5 kg of fleshy bell peppers

-1.3l of tomato juice (tomatoes given by blender)

-1 tablespoon with a pinch of salt


1.Sterilize the jars in advance at a temperature of 150-160 ° C for 15 minutes and boil the lids.

2. Cut the onion into thin halves of the slices, the garlic - the slices, the hot pepper - the slices, the bell pepper - the slices, and pass the carrot through the Korean-style carrot grater.

Advice. Depending on how fast you want the appetizer to be, use hot peppers with or without seeds.

3. Heat a large skillet, pour oil, add onion and fry for 2 minutes until semi-transparent, stirring.

4. Add carrots, mix and fry the vegetables together for 3-4 minutes.

5. Transfer the peppers to the pan, mix with movements from bottom to top, lower the flame and simmer the vegetables for 10 minutes, until the pepper leaves the juice.

6. Add hot peppers, garlic, salt, sugar and black pepper. Stir, pour the tomato juice, stir again and boil the pepper for 15 minutes under the lid.

7. After 10 minutes, pour the vinegar, mix and continue to boil the stew for another 5 minutes.

8. Divide the peppers into jars, screw them on, turn them upside down and let them cool completely.

From this amount of vegetables you get 3 jars of 0.7l and 1 jar of 0.5l. The can is kept perfectly at room temperature.