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Christmas canapes

Christmas canapes

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Recipe Christmas canapes by of 09-12-2016 [Updated 09-03-2018]

The Christmas canapes bring joy to the table and you also have fun making them :) Also this year I "messed" a bit with the girls in the office to prepare some delicacies, we have chosen to give our canapes the Christmas tree shapes , snowman and santa claus, cute no? If you have children at home who can help you, but also some passing friends or a relative in advance why not get help;) On the other hand, during the Christmas holidays, so many dishes are prepared that doing everything by yourself is practically impossible and then, it is a way like any other to spend time together. I leave you to the recipe wishing you a good day, basins: *


How to make Christmas canapes

Choose some pastry cutters for your Christmas canapes.
I preferred those in the shape of a Christmas tree, heart and circle.

Obtain the canapes using the slices of bread for sandwiches across their entire surface.

Spread a layer of Philadelphia on the saplings, create the festoons with strips of Cheddar and the balls with small cubes of tomato.

Create snowmen with the circles. Spread a layer of Philadelphia, form eyes and mouth with black olives, with a Cheddar triangle on the nose.

Cut the red pepper into a triangle. Turn the heart over and place the pepper triangle like a hat. Use two drops of vinegar to create the little eyes and the Philadelphia to define Santa's hat and beard.

Your delicious Christmas canapes are ready to be served.

Video: Canapés Judging - Great British Christmas Menu (July 2022).


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