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Risotto Primavera

Risotto Primavera

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Risotto primavera is a dish that I made with fresh broad beans and peas, the idea had been in my head for a while, and given the seasonal ingredients used and the colors its name fits perfectly for the occasion.
I have to admit, when I started shelling broad beans and fresh peas, I thought "but who made me use fresh legumes" but then the excellent result given by the use of a fresh and just harvested product, paid me back for the "effort";) Here is the advice of the day, to prepare yours risotto Primavera intercept someone at home to help you in the operation of peeling the beans and peas, so, between a chat and another, it will not weigh you at all.
Chat aside, if you try my recipe, let me know what you think and if you come back this afternoon on the blog, you will find yet another recipe, I wish you a good day and see you later.


How to make spring risotto

Shell the broad beans and peas and collect them in a bowl

Put chopped onion and carrot and diced bacon in a pan, along with a drizzle of oil.

Brown them for a few minutes, then add the legumes and let them flavor for a few minutes.

Then add the rice and toast it in the pan with the sauce.

Then blend with the white wine.

Cover everything with the broth and cook, stirring from time to time and adding more broth as it is absorbed.

Finally season with salt, add pepper, parmesan and chopped mint leaves, and stir.

Decorate with a few mint leaves and serve your spring risotto.

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