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Casatiello with mother yeast

Casatiello with mother yeast

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Casatiello recipe with mother yeast from of 15-04-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

Could I never try to make casatiello with my mother yeast this year? Of course not! I started on Friday morning to make refreshments and then make the dough and put it to rise for the whole night, early Saturday morning I finished the work and I put the casatiello to rise for the whole day in the oven off, after " sole "20 hours of leavening, I baked and it was a success, this time everything went smoothly! Before using the mother yeast I really couldn't understand how it could be the brewer's yeast that could give food digestibility problems, on the contrary, I mocked a bit those who worried about making natural leavening so as not to weigh down the leavened products which then contained lard and salami as in this case and instead I had to change my mind, I got a light and very digestible dough despite its opulence :) If you can, try the recipe and let me know.
P.Š. However, I leave you the recipe of the casatiello that I prepare every year with brewer's yeast in case you don't have LM.


How to make casatiello with mother yeast

Put the refreshed mother yeast and water at room temperature in a bowl and work to melt the yeast

Add the flours and start kneading

Then add the lard, salt and pepper and knead the dough for about twenty minutes

Shape into a ball, cover and let rise for about 12 hours or until doubled

Now roll out the dough with your hands forming a rectangle

Cover with salami and provolone cut into cubes and sprinkle with pecorino

Roll everything up to form a cylinder

Sprinkle a donut mold with lard and place the casatiello inside

Form 4 hollows with your hands and place an egg in the center of each one, blocked with strips of leftover pasta

Let the casatiello rise for 8/10 hours
Cover the casatiello with a little lard then bake in a preheated oven at 160 ° and cook for 1 hour

Let it cool then cut into slices and bring to the table

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