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Thermomix vegetable soup

Thermomix vegetable soup

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Thermomix vegetable minestrone recipe by of 03-02-2016 [Updated on 09-08-2017]

Vegetable minestrone is one of the most classic dishes of Italian cuisine. Over time it has gone from a poor dish to a healthy and tasty dish that warms the winter tables. The recipe for the vegetable soup that I propose is calibrated to my tastes, this is the Thermomix version to prepare it.


How to make minestrone with the thermomix

First prepare the vegetables.
Set aside legumes, spinach, garlic, onion and parsley aside.
Peel the other vegetables, cut them (into cubes or florets) and combine them all in a bowl.
Put onion and parsley in the jug and chop for 30 sec., Speed. Turbo.
Add the mince to the bowl with the vegetables.
Put garlic and oil in the jug (there is no need to wash it) and fry for 1 min. at 100 °, vel. 1 counterclockwise.
Remove the garlic, and add the mixed vegetables.
Cover with water up to the maximum level, add salt and cook for 25 min. 1 counterclockwise.
Add the spinach and cook for another 5 min. (always at 100 °, speed 1 anticlockwise).
Finally add the legumes and cook for 20 min.
Check the legumes and the water level and consider whether to cook another 5-10 min.
Serve immediately.

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