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Dessert cake with fine walnut cream

Dessert cake with fine walnut cream

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They are set on fire for sheet honey, sugar, oil, milk, salt, egg, baking soda quenched with lemon juice or vinegar until dark. Allow to cool slightly, then add the flour gradually until you get a good dough to spread.

From this composition bake 3 sheets on the back of the tray greased with oil.

For cream: Put the walnuts and boil the milk together with the sugar and boil until it thickens a little. Allow to cool a little but not completely, because until the cream is still hot, add the cut margarine one by one and homogenize the cut into the cream. Stir until the margarine melts. Add the rum essence, and fill the 3 resulting sheets with such warm cream.

Top with powdered sugar.

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